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What is Unclaimed Money?

Unclaimed money (also referred to as unclaimed property and unclaimed funds) – are personal assets that, for a variety of reasons, have become separated from their owners. is your free source for information on the tens of billions of unclaimed money and unclaimed property being held today in state and federal unclaimed accounts. By clicking on the “Search Your State” link you can freely search your state data base for unclaimed funds.  If you want to learn more about the subject matter of unclaimed property in general and require a more comprehensive search strategy, Check out our “What is Unclaimed Money” section.  Here are some basic tips:

1. Search for Everyone – family (living and non-living), friends, and names of businesses.

2.  Search for maiden names and common misspellings of your name.

3. Aside from state data bases – there is over $16 billion sitting in federal coffers waiting to be found. Remember those savings bonds you got when your were young ? Do you know where they are?

In total there’s well over $50 billion awaiting claim in both state and federal data bases!

Some examples of unclaimed money may include:

          • Stocks
          • Insurance policies
          • Un-cashed money orders
          • Forgotten about accounts
          • Insurance policies

A good portion of all unclaimed money is held by individual states. New York, for instance, now holds over $11 billion in unclaimed money in roughly as many as 23 million accounts. Pennsylvania has $1.5 billion and New Jersey holds at least $1 billion as well. Smaller states such as Maine list lesser amounts – $131 million in 42,000 accounts.

The collection, management, and efforts to find rightful property owners is a business in and of itself. In general a state collects more unclaimed money than they return to rightful property owners through the course of one fiscal year. It takes a significant bureaucracy to enforce laws that govern the collection of unclaimed money and to devise and implement strategies to find rightful property owners. In New York as well as other states boast that the amount of money returned is expanding. For example, in 2008 NY returned $194 million to property owners – a $25 million increase over money returned in 2007. Unclaimed money is a win win situation for all involved and there’s money to be had for those on both sides, you just have to know where to look. This site is dedicated to helping you find missing funds.


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North Carolina has $383 Million in Unclaimed Money

North Carolina has $383 Million in Unclaimed Money

Unclaimed Money Unclaimed Property

Unclaimed Money Unclaimed Property

Many people will start off the new year still reeling from the money spent over the holiday season last month.  In North Carolina, one news report suggests searching for unclaimed money and unclaimed property to help pay those January credit card bills.  Unclaimed money is money that goes unclaimed and is reported and held by the state until it is claimed.  This can be a paycheck, utility deposit, or even an abandoned safety deposit box.

$48 million was returned to rightful property owners in North Carolina in 2010. Their site says NC visitors have as much as a one in four chance of funding some bucks! They offer community outreach events and welcome invitations to come out and visit.

Make sure to search your name and also those of people that have passed away as well.  For more help visit our Search Strategies Page.

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Gift Cards Also Unclaimed Money

Gift Cards Also Unclaimed Money

Ever forget that you had gift cards and thought since they expired that they were worthless.  Now in Texas as well as other states these unused gift cards are a form of unclaimed money.  In Texas there is over $12 million in unclaimed gift card balances.  It is a mandate in Texas that banks send unclaimed gift card balances as well as store credits.  Make sure to search for all types of unclaimed money and unclaimed property.

Here is more from the article from

Texas mandates retailers and banks send money from expired gift cards and store credits to the state. So NBC 5’s Consumer Team asked the comptroller’s office for a list of companies that reported gift cards and store credits as unclaimed property. The list tracks companies since September 2005.

Topping the list is Men’s Warehouse with $1,367,841.17 remaining unclaimed. Second is Walmart with $1,276,107.21 unclaimed. U.S. Bank ranked third with $750,637.84 unclaimed. Luxury jeweler, Tiffany, even made the list with $153,578.93 unclaimed.

According to the state more than 350 companies were on the list.  Others included Land’s End, Hobby Lobby, Hilton, Foot Locker, Southwest, Ann Taylor, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Bed, Bath & Beyond and Calloway’s Nursery.

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$52 Million in Unclaimed Money in El Paso, Texas

elpasotxA recent report in El Paso’s KVIA shows that there is over $52 million in unclaimed money ready to be claimed by its residents.  The El Paso county judge’s office is holding events to help residents search to see if they or any family members are owed unclaimed money or unclaimed property.

Here is more from the article:

The events are being held to assist residents and businesses who think they might have unclaimed funds or property in the state’s unclaimed property database.
It is estimated that El Paso County residents currently have more than $52 million waiting to be claimed.

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